Chapter Mileage Program




Mission Statement:

This program exists for the purpose of encouraging the members of the H.O.G. Chapter to increase their ride frequency, record and submit their mileage, and join with others to achieve a cumulative Chapter total of one million miles or more.



The current year’s Mileage Program begins with the ending of the previous season’s effort. The last day to turn in mileage is Dec. 1st.



All members (with the exception of passengers) of St. Charles H.O.G. are eligible to participate. Only Harley-Davidson bikes are permitted in this activity. Rental bikes can have their mileage recorded as well.



All bikes registered must have their VIN numbers recorded. If you completed last year’s Mileage Program you are already enrolled in this year’s program.


Mileage Submissions

                                                     Part of the Mileage Program is the Mid-Season Mileage Check-in. The intent of this is to provide our Chapter with a “How are we doing?” view of our progress towards the One Million Mile goal. Further details of this action will be communicated as the date draws near.


Awards for Mileage

All riders who complete the Mileage Program by submitting their final mileage will receive a Participation Token and a record card after the Mileage Program has ended. Plaques will be awarded to the top two high mileage Male and Female riders. The top Male and Female rider with the most miles will have their names added to the Recognition Plaque that is on display at St. Charles Harley Davidson. The remaining participants not receiving plaques will be eligible for additional awards based on their total mileage plus their participation in the program. All riders who completed the Mileage Program with 10,000 or more miles for that year will be recognized at the HOG Call and in the Newsletter.


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Total Chapter Mileage by Year

2020: 1,319,827 miles - Pandemic didn’t stop us from setting a record year

2019: 1,109,499 miles

2018: 936,346 miles

2017: 614,051 miles

2016: 356,696 miles

2015: 434,420 miles

2014: 514,688 miles

2013: 545,498 miles

2012: 646,663 miles

2011: 665,444 miles

2010: 753,096 miles

2009: 634,521 miles

2008: 502,661 miles

2007: 333,799 miles

2006: 288,805 miles

2005: 293,885 miles