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Chapter Charter

The “Annual Charter for H.O.G. Guidelines” is the document that defines the relationship between the local chapter, the sponsoring dealership, and National H.O.G.


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HARLEY / H.O.G. Resources

Harley Owners Group                    

St. Charles Harley Davidson         


H.O.G. Merchandise

Hog Merch Events                       


Ace Branded Products                


Safety Resources

Motorcycle Safety Foundation                          

Helmet Laws                                                     

Conceal & Carry Laws                                      

Motorcycle Training Big St.Charles                   

Motorcycle Training St. Charles Parks              

Motorcycle Training MMSP                               



Riding Resources

Harley Road Planner                   

Ride 365                                      

Long Distance Riders                  

Iron Butt Riders                           

HOG Events & Rallies                

National Park Service