Dealership Check In


Dealership Check In

Earn awesome prizes for riding with H.O.G. Dealership Check-In Challenge Contest.



How It Works

Ride your Harley-Davidson bike to one of the top 10 featured locations.

Snap a picture of yourself with a current issue of The Enthusiast Magazine, Membership Guide or Ride Guide cover making sure the dealership name is clearly visible in the picture..

Submit your photo.

Win prizes based on your point total - plus a year's worth of bragging rights.



How To Participate

To participate in this challenge you will need to sign-in Harley-Davidson’s Ride 365 website and enroll in this challenge. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions which will provide you with information on how to submit your photos. Once these steps have been completed, all that is left is to get on your bike and hit the open road!