Diane went Above & Beyond

Diane went Above & Beyond

Congrats to Diane E, for being rcognized for going Above and Beyond!!!

Words from the nominator...

"The person nominated for this award is an incredible human being. She is constantly looking out for the chapter members around her, checking in with people, helping in group rides so members don't get separated, offering advice or emotional support as needed, and sharing her road snacks (if you are lucky). She is a natural protector and caregiver. While in Colorado, she was constantly reassuring me that I was okay and doing a great job as well as offering some singing entertainment. The whole trip she was watching my back, ensuring I was safe and that I wasn't going to get cold or sunburned. She is such a fun and caring person to be around, she makes those around her smile just from her presence. I don't know what I or the chapter would do without her.

When I met this lady at the dealership for the first time, I had no idea of the impact that she would have on the chapter. She has proven repeatedly of her commitment to the chapter and its members."

To Diane, the St. Charles HOG Chapter says Thank You and award you with the Above & Beyond Award

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